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You Cant Send Messages for 3 days warning in Instagram ? Lets Know why is it

 You cant message, anyone, because of the warning " You can't send messages for 3 days "Let's explore why this is it?

Here are the possible explanation:-

1) Your account has been flagged or spam by  Instagram - > Instagram owned by Meta. Meta uses the BART algorithm and many algorithms to check suspicious activity such as sending large chunks of messages quickly. Thus it may restrict the account 

2) Maybe you are experiencing a technical issue in messaging feature was triggered the error " You can't message anyone for 3 days ". Just be patient the issue will be solved  within minutes 

3) You've been banned from using Instagram's messaging feature: If you've violated Instagram's community guidelines or terms of service, they may ban you from using the messaging feature.

4) Maybe there is a possibility your account has been hacked or paid a penalty for using an unauthorized 3rd party app. 

How to check suspicious activity on the phone?

Just go to setting -> Security -> Login activity -> Look at the history of login activity 

How To solve “You Can’t Send Messages For 3 Days”?

  • Just be patient for 3 days, and automatically everything will be restored.
  • If you handle any business profile then visit Instagram's Community Standard guidelines and read them. Contact the support team, and request them to lift the ban, they will inform you of the exact reason for the ban, try to avoid it at any cost.

Note:- We should respect each  instagram user and adhere to Instagram policies.

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